A Seed Turns Into a Tree

The Seed of Doubt.

Once planted, this seed is strong, even in the most inclement weather. It takes hold fast and grows at an alarming rate. It has an interesting power: it buries itself deeper and deeper, growing stronger at every level downward. It does not need tending or nurturing. Once planted, even if just below the surface, it will take care of itself from there. Despite its independent behavior, its negative roots are nurtured by every negative word or phrase. Every doubtful moment feeds it. It is resistant to encouraging words, especially those like, “it’ll be okay” or “it’ll work out”. The seed loves those phrases. It gobbles it up like a Thanksgiving feast, grateful for every negative connotation cooked inside. Doubt needs no friends, it has its host, and that is all it needs.

No one is immune.


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