No One Ever Said…

The world is this overwhelming place of opportunity. There are so many of us, though, that sometimes this pool of opportunity seems pretty small. Perception can be deceptive. Our own state of mind can trick us into seeing things that aren’t there or seeing things not as they truly are. The world isn’t a place full of rainbows and sunshine; the world is also filled with rainy days and even dark ones too. Like so many scientists have found, the environment in which we find ourselves has an incredible effect on us whether we realize it or not. Environment effects us, but it does not define or rule us. Humans have the ability to overcome their circumstances and rise above the bad cards they’ve been handed. Just because someone handed you some bad cards, doesn’t mean you have to keep them.
Before you can think about throwing them away, though, you have to be willing to put forth the effort it takes to throw them away and find new ones. In order to overcome the dark days or the competitive pool of opportunities, you have to make sure you are ready to do one thing and one thing only: TRY. You have to care enough to try. You have to be willing to do the dirty work to get out of the muck. The world isn’t a basket full of presents. Things you want are rarely just handed to you (and if they were, you wouldn’t appreciate them nearly as much as you would if you had earned them). Even if you come from a favorable environment where life has been pretty good to you, there is still a necessity for effort.
No one said you have to be perfect or succeed the first time around (in fact, first time success, while awesome at the time, can be kind of boring). Steve Jobs worked in a garage before he became one of the most successful men in the world. Famous actresses reflect on their less-than-glamorous waitressing job back in the day before they started achieving their true goals. Even when they were working in a garage or taking other people’s orders, these individuals were working toward a goal, working toward a dream, even if their current job didn’t exactly seem to reflect that. The point is, they tried. They got out there, they did what they had to do for a period of time in order to survive. They never gave up though. They may have felt like giving up plenty of times, but they didn’t and because they decided to keep going, they are living their dreams now. I am sure, especially actresses, probably got more than their fair share of “no thank yous” and as disappointing and defeating that may have felt, they didn’t let a few (or a pile) of nos stop them from pursuing their dreams. They didn’t let what other people tell them define their actions or decisions.
All these words, all these stories, all these things have a point: Go out into the world of opportunity and try. Care enough to try. Love something so much that you’d be willing to fail repeatedly in order to obtain that one moment of success. Nothing feels quite as good as that moment of success after you’ve given something your very best effort. No one said it would be easy, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. You might stumble a couple times, you may even fail a time or two (or ten), but at least you’re trying.


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